Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not good at updating my blog!

So, I was hoping to update my blog once a week and I have not even looked at it since the beginning of March. So much has happened since then so I have a lot to add.

We celebrated Layton's 2nd birthday with friends at Build-A-Bear. Luke made a puppy and named him Batman and Layton made a Bunny, which he named Hop. They both had a blast and I am pretty sure it is a party he will always remember.

We celebrated Easter in Vanceburg with the Vergne grandparents. The boys played outside and decorated eggs. Well, Layton actually ate his hard boiled egg instead of decorating it. Luke had a speaking part at church and he did a wonderful job!

I went to Blue Licks for a weekend scrapbooking event. I met Mom and Amy there and we had a blast. I completed 33 pages. So, I guess I am better at scrapping than I am at blogging.

Pics to be added soon!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Luke and Layton's School

The Firestation Room
Monkey in the hall

Layton's Classroom

Luke's Classroom

Luke's Classroom

The boys attend GELC in Georgetown and they love it! Layton is in the monkey room and Luke is in the movie theater room. Next month Layton will be moving up to the giraffe room. I hope you enjoy the pics of their school!

Snow Pics that were deleted!!

Luke throwing snowballs!
This is cool!

He loved the icicles!

My little man!

Cute little Layton
This snow is AWESOME!
Mom! I love the snow!

Watch out! Here we come!

So, since I accidentally deleted my pictures of the boys playing in the snow- I am attempting to put them back on the blog! Enjoy!!

Accidentally Deleted!!

So, I am obviously still pretty green at this blogging! I accidentally deleted my entire post that talked about our snow days and showed pics of the boys in the snow!! So.... I will be adding those pictures back to the blog this afternoon. I was trying to delete a pic I had on there twice and deleted the entire post! Hopefully this afternoon I will have it back up and running.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Pictures taken in November 2009

Layton Asher

Luke Thomas

Mommy's Little Boy

Mommy's Little Man

The Vergne Family

Updating Blog

Well, it has been a very long time since I have updated my blog!! I have a new goal of updating it weekly, so hopefully family and friends can keep up with what is going on in the Vergne family! Luke and Layton are growing up so fast. Layton will be 2 in a month and Luke will be turning 5 in September. Check back every once in a while and hopefully I will have added new pictures and new videos.