Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Fun Weekend

On Friday, after school, I met some friends at Mi Casita for some great conversation. Then I came home and played basketball with the boys.
Is it sad that my 5-year old is better than me and that my almost 3-year old can dribble better than me? Geez, no wonder I was in the band!

On Saturday morning Luke went to have his crazy hair cut because I couldn't stand it any longer! It will still be a while before it grows all the way out, but it looks way better!

Then, this morning the boys decided they wanted to go to Toys R Us to spend the gift cards they had gotten for Valentine's Day from Gran and G-daddy.

Layton really liked the dinosaurs!

After we got in the car with our new purchases this is what they looked like in the backseat:

Layton thinks he is a race car driver!

Luke was so excited about his new Lego man!

Then we went to PetSmart where I bought 2 moss balls! I had never heard of these before, but they are really neat and will look cool in the aqaurium!

Our last stop was at Target for me to buy some rollers. Thanks to my friend, Misty, I now think I like looking somewhat "girly".

That is my weekend all in one blog post!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Night out with Friends

Last weekend my in-laws asked if they could watch the boys (which is why I love them so much!). Mark and I decided to go out with some of our friends. The 8 of us, (Chris, Heather, Michael, Misty, David, Jen, Mark and I) had a blast at Old Chicago and Shamrocks! I can't imagine what my life would be like without my wonderful friends.

The four girls- Heather, Jen, me, and Misty

Curly Hair

I was having a conversation with my friend, Misty, about how my hair doesn't hold curl. She bet me that she had just the thing to make my hair curly. So, she brought sponge rollers to school one day. That night I was very impressed with myself- I had gotten 17 rollers in and just knew I would wake up with beautiful curls. Well, that morning I woke up, spent 20 minutes taking out the rollers (which Lay called hair bows), cutting a couple of pieces of hair, and then I was in shock! I had the curliest hair in the world! It was curlier than Annie's! I was one gigantic curl! Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture. The next day I told Misty about it and she asked me how many rollers I used. I told her I had used all the small purple and blue ones and had used close to 20. She started laughing- THEN, she tells me (after the fact) that she only uses about 7-8 rollers and she uses only the big pink ones!! So, I gave it another try last night, using only 8 of the big pink rollers and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked having curly hair.

Of course, this is after an entire day of teaching, hanging out with friends at a Mexican restaurant, and playing basketball with my boys. I think Mark really liked it because he asked me if I was going to buy some of the rollers and that he bet they weren't that expensive! Thanks, Misty, for proving me wrong- I actually felt "girly" today!

My boys

Well, let me start by saying that I love my boys more than anything in this world. However, night time is a LONG process. Luke is just like his daddy- never sleepy and Layton is a wild man! The other night Mark was working late so I decided I would put the boys in Luke's bed. When I went in (after going in 20 times to ask them to stop playing) I found them like this:

A little blurry, but you get the picture!

Then, the other morning I woke up to find this one in our bed sleeping like this:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Love

I have been highly enjoying my new coffee maker and was so excited to get 4 big boxes of coffee yesterday! I also have a new love that goes very well with my coffee.......

Since I have been really trying to lose weight this is a meal I can eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! I get it without the brown sugar and it is only 260 calories!! My in-laws are not fans, but I could eat it every day! And for the price...... it just doesn't get any better!

We usually go to Cracker Barrel on Sunday mornings, where I order the oatmeal (which is not as good as McDonalds). Today though we went to Bob Evans and I ordered a new meal from their Farm Fit menu. This entire meal was only 357 calories and it was delicious! Of course, Mark's omelet and the chocolate chip pancakes the boys ordered looked better, but I felt better after choosing to eat healthy!

All of this food for only 357 calories!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My V-Day Gift

Well, my wonderful husband couldn't wait until Valentine's Day to give me my gift!! He was so excited about it! Why? Because I have been begging for one of these for a LONG time, but Mark always told me they were too expensive. BUT....... I must be worth it because he got me my very own.....DRUM ROLL......

Keurig Coffee Maker

AND........ K-Cups!!

I just finished ordering 4 more boxes of the K-Cups! I also scored the K-cup holder for free (kind of) using my Kohl's cash! I can honestly say it is the best coffee I have ever had! Mark's response, "Well, it should be since it cost over $100 and it is just a coffee maker!" Gotta love him!