Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day #12

Well, it is snow day #12 in Scott County! Usually I keep the boys home on snow days, but thought I would get more cleaning accomplished if they went to school today. So, since I had already showered and gotten ready (because Scott didn't call school off until after 6:00) I helped Mark get the boys ready for school. It took him 20 minutes to get the boys there and it usually only takes about 5! Meanwhile, I got the dishwasher going and a load of laundry started. Then I decided I should catch up on Teen Mom and The Bachelor while the dishes and clothes were going. Later in the afternoon I went to get the boys and when we got home they went straight to where they always go as soon as they get home- the basketball goal. My boys are obsessed with basketball!! Here is a picture of them playing today.


roxana said...

I tried to comment before and it didn't like me - so here goes again! Your boys are adorable and didn't you and your sister fight growing up???

Ashley Vergne said...

You are right Roxana!! My boys are adorable AND yes, Amy and I had our fair share of fights. LOL!