Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Love

I have been highly enjoying my new coffee maker and was so excited to get 4 big boxes of coffee yesterday! I also have a new love that goes very well with my coffee.......

Since I have been really trying to lose weight this is a meal I can eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! I get it without the brown sugar and it is only 260 calories!! My in-laws are not fans, but I could eat it every day! And for the price...... it just doesn't get any better!

We usually go to Cracker Barrel on Sunday mornings, where I order the oatmeal (which is not as good as McDonalds). Today though we went to Bob Evans and I ordered a new meal from their Farm Fit menu. This entire meal was only 357 calories and it was delicious! Of course, Mark's omelet and the chocolate chip pancakes the boys ordered looked better, but I felt better after choosing to eat healthy!

All of this food for only 357 calories!!


Portwood Pre-view said...

That looks great! Are those chocolate chip pancakes on the plate??....YUM

Ashley Vergne said...

Nope- they were cranberry and they were yummy!